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Return Policy

The client may terminate the agreement at any time.  Any termination prior to the collection of the umbilical cord blood unit will be subject to a non-refundable $200.00 administrative fee.  Should client terminate after the unit has been processed and cryopreserved, all fees paid up to the time of termination notice is received, are non-refundable.

This agreement automatically continues storage until Cord For Life, Inc. receives an original notarized written request to terminate storage.  Upon termination of the agreement, client has the right to specify in writing the disposition of the cord blood, and shall bear any associated costs.

In the event the client fails to pay the fees due, Cord For Life, Inc. shall notify the client in writing that they are in default.  Client shall have thirty days to pay the arrears in full, or the agreement is terminated. Client is responsible for notifying Cord For Life, Inc. of any address changes that occur.

Should client fail to specify the disposition or is in default in payment, Cord For Life, Inc. shall retain all rights to the cord blood.