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Stem cells are truly a treasure that can potentially help save the life of any one of your family members who may need a life-saving transplant in the future. By choosing Cord for Life® for the private storage of cord blood cells, you are assured that you will have the highest quality and quantity of stem cells available when you need them most.

Cord for Life® is a trusted partner that provides all the guidance, resources and premier technology to consumers and providers to facilitate the highest quality, private storage of cord blood to potentially use in the case of a life-saving transplant needed by your newborn baby or family member.

Your baby’s umbilical cord after birth contains special cells that can be used in transplants to treat certain types of leukemia and other diseases. Privately storing your baby’s stem cells should be a consideration for families with a history of hereditary diseases which can be treated with stem cells. Click here to see a list of 75 current indications for a cord blood transplant.

The potential use of autologous (self-use) stem cells is growing every year. In addition to the current routine use of stem cells for the treatment of cancers, anemias and other diseases, studies are being performed worldwide to discover the full potential of the use of stem cells in health recovery. Therefore, even if your family conditions are not on the list of current treatable blood diseases, medical breakthroughs in stem cell transplantation are occurring.

Like whole blood, stem cells have a “Type” called the “HLA”. Unlike the A-B-O-AB whole blood types, HLA types are based on a person’s genetic code. For a transplant to be successful the stem cell HLA type must be a close match to the recipient’s HLA Type. Even with the growth of the donated stem cell inventories, finding a suitable match is very difficult. For a person of mixed heritage, the odds of finding a match are decreased significantly and often a unit cannot be found. By storing your child’s cord blood you will have stem cells available for the child, another sibling* or other family member that may be suffering.

Lifeforce Cryobanks is a full-service stem cell bank that provides the highest-quality private blood banking services, including collecting, processing and banking your umbilical cord blood cells. It cannot be used for anyone without you or your child’s specific written instructions.

As these units are not for public use, fees do apply. These fees cover the cost of materials, collection, shipping, processing, testing and long-term cryopreservation. Lifeforce Cryobanks offers several payment options to fit your financial needs. Click here to see our Compare our Pricing.

Should you decide that private storage is not an option, please consider donating these life saving cells for another in need. Click here for details about Cord Blood Donation.

If you have any questions please contact our client services representatives at cs@lifeforcecryobanks.com
or 800-869-8608.

* Studies show that stem cell rejection is decreased in sibling transplants as their genetic codes are very similar.