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By choosing Cord for Life® you are assured that you will
have the highest quantity and quality of stem cells available
when you need them most.

The Cord for Life®, Imminent Need Program is designed to help families dealing with a loved one suffering from a life threatening illness. If you are currently pregnant and have another child or family member that has been diagnosed with a disease treatable by stem cell transplant, the cord blood of your new born can be collected, processed and maintained for the intended family member’s use. All fees will be waived for a period of 1-year from the date of collection.

To be eligible for an Imminent Need Collection, the family member’s illness must qualify as being treatable by stem cell transplant. In addition, the attending physician must provide documentation regarding the intent to transplant. The mother of the baby must meet the same requirements as a publicly donated collection. Click Here To See Requirements.

Should the unit not be used for transplant within the first year, it may be re-designated as a Private Storage unit. Unfortunately, regulations prevent us from placing the unit on a public registry therefore, fees will apply to the private storage conversion.

Please email our representative. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information about our Imminent Need program.