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Cord Blood vs Marrow

Stem cells are truly a treasure that can potentially save the life of your baby, family member or someone who may need a life-saving transplant.

The UCB stem cells are identified as “Adult Stem Cells” the same as the cells that are found in your bone marrow. However, there are significant differences.

To collect a unit of bone marrow stem cells requires the donor to undergo a surgical procedure or apheresis. Both can be difficult and require a serious time commitment from the donor. This type of stem cell collection can take months before the unit is available for transplant. Time a patient may not be able to afford. GVHD (transplant rejection) is much lower with UCB stem cell transplants. This can be the difference between a transplant success and failure. It definitely means fewer complications for the patient. With less possible complications the number of potential compatible matches increases.

Although there are fewer cells for transplant, UCB stem cell units can be pooled, if necessary, to another compatible UCB stem cell unit, to increase the dosage.

Cord Blood vs Bone Marrow Comparison Table